STUB puts on multi-sensory aesthetic events, so naturally, exciting and diverse promotional campaigns are needed to fulfill that visual experience. 

STUB is Seattle Pacific University's Student Union Board, which is the campus wide event planning committee. On STUB we transformed simple events into grand medieval fairs, haunted houses (each year we got at least one panic attack that shut down the affair for a second, I think that counts as a success?), giant dodgeball tournaments, wild concerts, Humans Vs Zombies paranoia, and much more.  

My focus was to create designs that swirled the entertainment, community, and something feelings into one. For people to continuously get excited about the events to come, as well as visual remember what already happened and what will be a part of their college experience forever.

STUB events paint out how students are going to remember their college years with big landmark events. So it's important to create multi-sensory milestones that fulfill and add on to those experiences.